Aleksandar Kuzmanovic, Associate Professor gave an invited talk at Dartmouth College on Wednesday, October 30, 2013. He discussed privacy on the Internet, a topic that raised significant attention recently due to alleged large-scale government surveillance.

He presented the Mosaic project (ACM Sigcomm’13) which aims to quantify privacy leakage in mobile networks. The project demonstrated that the popularity of online social networks and smart phones has dramatically increased the amount of identifiable digital footprints in network traffic. These enable an adversary to attribute significant portions of traffic including the ones with no identity leaks to network users' true identities and reveal personal information such as political views, browsing habits, and interests.

He also presented Synthoid, an National Science Foundation (NSF) project that aims to counter such large-scale surveillance attempts. Synthoid enables users to explicitly define and implicitly control their online profiles at all possible trackers and third parties at once by leaving controlled artificial footprints on the Internet. It is capable of completely altering a user’s real profile including features such as age and gender.


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