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Brenna D. Argall, Assistant Professor and EECS students Siddarth Jain (PhD), Seth McCammon (undergrad) and Taiwon Chung (undergrad) participated in the Robot Block Party as part of the fifth annual National Robotics Week event held at the Museum of Science & Industry (MSI) on April 5-13, 2014.

The Assistive and Rehabilitation Robotics Laboratory (argallab), along with some other robotics labs in NU Mechanical Engineering (ME), performed demos all day in the main rotunda all day on the Friday, April 11 and Saturday, April 12. The Argallab brought both of our major robot platforms -- a wheelchair-base mobile robot, and the Mico assistive robotic arm.

The Purpose of National Robotics Week is to:
  • Celebrate the US as a leader in robotics technology development
  • Educate the public about how robotics technology impacts society, both now and in the future
  • Advocate for increased funding for robotics technology research and development
  • Inspire students of all ages to pursue careers in robotics and other Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math-related fields

About National Robotics Week: The event is organized by an Advisory Council (see our Partners) which recognizes robotics technology as a pillar of 21st century American innovation, highlights its growing importance in a wide variety of application areas, and emphasizes its ability to inspire technology education. Robotics is positioned to fuel a broad array of next-generation products and applications in fields as diverse as manufacturing, health-care, national defense and security, agriculture and transportation. At the same time, robotics is proving to be uniquely adept at enabling students of all ages to learn important science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) concepts and at inspiring them to pursue careers in STEM-related fields. Robotics Week is a week-long series of events and activities aimed at increasing public awareness of the growing importance of "robo-technology" and the tremendous social and cultural impact that it will have on the future of the United States.

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