The Center for Leadership at Northwestern has selected EECS Ph.D. Student Chang Liu (16') as a Fellow in Leadership for the 2014-15' school year.

Liu is a member of the Communications and Networking Laboratory, under Prof. Randall Berry and is completing work that is focused on spectrum markets. As telecommunications researcher, her other interests are wireless communications, economics, quantitative analytic, game theory, data science and optimization.

The Center for Leadership selected 6 PhD students, as well as 6 faculty and staff members for its Fellowship in Leadership program, to enhance leadership in our community.

Liu will participate in a yearlong workshop and seminar series on coaching and leadership with the purpose of learning how to effectively coach and develop undergraduate students for leadership roles. Liu will teach and adivse a lab section of undergraduate students in the "Paradigms and Strategies of Leadership" course in the fall quarter.

On completion of the program, each Fellow is designated as a Northwestern University Leadership Coach. She will receive the Fellowship amount of $3000 for undergraduate student coaching.

Liu has also been elected as president of Graduate Women Across Northwestern (GWAN) for 2014-15. GWAN is a graduate women students organization aiming at promoting social life and professional development in Northwestern University. The group welcomes and features female members from all graduate or professional programs at Northwestern University, such as Kellogg School of Management, McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science, Medill School of Journalism, School of Communication School of Education and Social Policy, School of Law, School of Music, and Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences.

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