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It was another great year for EECS at the 15th ACM Conference of Economics and Computation (EC '14) and affiliated workshops and meetings, as a total of seven Northwestern affiliated papers were presented at the event, held June 8-12, 2014 at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA. The conference is the premier event for research at the intersection between computer science and economics.

Five accepted NU affiliated papers were presented at the main conference, while Nima Haghpanah and Prof. Jason Hartline presented their paper, titled, "Reverse Mechanism Design" at the National Bureau of Economic Research's Market Design Working Group Meeting (NBER), and Prof. Nicole Immorlica, Greg Stoddard and Vasilis Syrgkanis presented their paper, titled, "Social Status and Badge Design" at The 4th Workshop on Social Computing and User Generated Content. All EECS participants are either current or former members of Prof. Hartline's Theory Group.


At the main conference, the following accepted papers were presented:

  •    "Price of Anarchy for Revenue" by Jason Hartline, Darrell Hoy, and Sam Taggart.
  •    "Optimal Auctions for Correlated Bidders with Sampling" by Hu Fu, Nima Haghpanah, Jason Hartline, and Robert Kleinberg.
  •    "Mechanism Design for Data Science" by Shuchi Chawla, Jason Hartline, and Denis Nekipelov.
  •    "Reasoning about Optimal Stable Matchings under Partial Information" by Baharak Rastegari, Anne Condon, Nicole Immorlica, Robert Irving, and Kevin Leyton-Brown.
  •    "The Empirical Implications of Privacy‐Aware Choice" by Rachel Cummings, Federico Echenique, and Adam Wierman


At the NBER's Market Design Working Group Meeting:

  •    "Reverse Mechanism Design" by Nima Haghpanah and Jason Hartline.


At the Workshop on Social Computing and User Generated Content:

  •    "Social Status and Badge Design" by Nicole Immorlica, Greg Stoddard and Vasilis Syrgkanis.


Since 1999 the ACM Special Interest Group on Electronic Commerce (SIGecom) has sponsored the leading scientific conference on advances in theory, systems, and applications at the interface of economics and computation, including applications to electronic commerce. The Fifteenth ACM Conference on Economics and Computation (EC'14) featured invited speakers, paper presentations, workshops, and tutorials.