hartline week conference11


Prof. Jason Hartline was a Co-organizer for the GReece Economic and Algorithmic Theory Week (GREAT), held July 18-24, 2014 in Santa Maria Beach, Paros, Greece. Also from Northwestern, Prof. Nicole Immorlica, Darrell Hoy, and Emmanouil (Manolis) Pountourakis, attended and presented their research.

The GReece Economic and Algorithmic Theory Week brought together researchers from academia and industrial research working in the interface between economic theory and algorithms. Topics include mechanism design, market design, computational equilibria, price of anarchy, selfish routing, market equilibrium, and social networks and applications such as spectrum auctions, advertising auctions, and crowdsourcing.

The workshop was attended by about thirty researchers working at the interface between algorithms and economics and fifteen students. Featured talks were given by Christos Papadimitriou (UBC), Bernhard von Stengel (LSE), Eva Tardos (Cornell), Richard Cole (NYU), and Anna Karlin (UW-Seattle).

The workshop was sponsored by Microsoft Research and the Greece Computer Technology Institute.