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Faculty whose interests are are primarily in the areas of Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering but overlap significantly with Computer Science.



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CS Faculty (Secondary) Name / Title Research Interests Primary Academic Division
Randall Berry
Professor, MSIT Co-Director
Wireless communication, networking, information theory, game theory
EE - Electrical Engineering
Alok N. Choudhary
John G. Searle Professor and Henry and Isabelle Dever Professor, EECS Dept, McCormick School of Engineering & Applied Sciences; Professor, Kellogg School of Management; Director - Center for Ultra-Scale Computing & Information Security
High-performance computing, data intensive computing, scalable data mining, computer architecture, high-performance I/O systems and software, their applications in many domains incl. information processing (data mining, CRM, BI) and scientific computing
CE - Computer Engineering
Nikos Hardavellas
Assistant Professor, June and Donald Brewer Junior Professor
Parallel computer architecture, multicore and multiprocessor architecture, microarchitecture, memory systems, computer systems, runtime environments, data-intensive high-performance computing, database systems, optical interconnects, dark silicon
CE - Computer Engineering
Lawrence Henschen
Wireless sensor networks and programming; human-computer interaction (HCI) and universal access; document format systems and interoperability
CE - Computer Engineering
Russ Joseph
Associate Professor
Computer architecture, microprocessor design for reliability and variability tolerance, system software for multicore (CMP) architectures, power-aware computing
CE - Computer Engineering
Aggelos Katsaggelos
Professor, AT&T Chair
Multimedia signal processing, communications, computer vision, pattern recognition, machine learning, computational photography, and life sciences
EE - Electrical Engineering
Gokhan Memik
Associate Professor
Computer architecture, microarchitecture, computer systems, design automation, power and reliability aware architectures, on-chip interconnect, embedded systems
CE - Computer Engineering
Sotirios A. Tsaftaris
Adjunct Assistant Professor - Signals & Systems Division (Prof. A. Katsaggelos)
medical imaging, bioinformatics, molecular computing, imaging for the life sciences
EE - Electrical Engineering
Hai Zhou
Associate Professor
algorithms, optimization, formal methods, and their applications to VLSI CAD, security, and embedded systems
CE - Computer Engineering