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Brenna D. Argall
June and Donald Brewer Junior Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Joint with PM&R (Feinberg)
machine learning, control and robotics, artificial intelligence
Koray Aydin
Assistant Professor
metamaterials, plasmonics, nanophotonic devices, solid-state optoelectronics, photovoltaics, nanofabrication, optics and photonics, electromagnetic simulations.
Randall Berry
Professor, MSIT Co-Director
Wireless communication, networking, information theory, game theory
Larry Birnbaum
Artificial Intelligence, HCI, natural language processing, case-based reasoning, machine learning
Fabián E Bustamante
Distributed systems, networking, wireless and operating systems
Arthur Butz
Associate Professor
electrical engineering
Yan Chen
security, networking, and distributed systems
Alok N. Choudhary
John G. Searle Professor and Henry and Isabelle Dever Professor, EECS Dept, McCormick School of Engineering & Applied Sciences; Professor, Kellogg School of Management; Director - Center for Ultra-Scale Computing & Information Security
High-performance computing, data intensive computing, scalable data mining, computer architecture, high-performance I/O systems and software, their applications in many domains incl. information processing (data mining, CRM, BI) and scientific computing
Oliver (Ollie) S. Cossairt
Lisa Wissner-Slivka and Benjamin Slivka Junior Professor of Computer Science
Computational Photography/Imaging, Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Optics, Displays
Anindya De
Adjunct Professor, Assistant Professor (Starting in September 2015)
Complexity theory, Analysis of Boolean functions, Learning theory, Applied probability
Peter A Dinda
Experimental computer systems, broadly construed, presently including: virtualization, empathic systems, distributed and parallel systems, languages and programming systems for parallel, distributed and sensor network computing, and performance analysis
Doug Downey
Associate Professor
machine Learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, information retrieval, information extraction
Jennie Duggan
Assistant Professor
Scientific data management, database workload modeling, cloud computing
Robby Findler
Associate Professor
Programming languages and software engineering
Kenneth D Forbus
Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, HCI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Sketch Understanding, Cognitive Architecture
Randy Freeman
Nonlinear control theory, system theory, robust control
Matthew Grayson
Associate Professor
semiconductor nanosystems: solid state electronics, quantum wires, quantum wells, quantum Hall effect, thermoelectrics, thermal management
Jie Gu
Assistant Professor
VLSI and Mixed-signal Integrated-circuit Design, Emerging Device Modeling and Integration, Ultra-low Power Medical Device and Energy Harvesting, 3D IC Integration
Dongning Guo
Associate Professor
Wireless communications, information theory, communication networks, signal processing
Abraham H Haddad
Professor Emeritus, MSIT Co-Director
Stochastic hybrid systems
Kristian Hammond
Artificial Intelligence
Nikos Hardavellas
Assistant Professor, June and Donald Brewer Junior Professor
Parallel computer architecture, multicore and multiprocessor architecture, microarchitecture, memory systems, computer systems, runtime environments, data-intensive high-performance computing, database systems, optical interconnects, dark silicon
Jason D Hartline
Associate Professor in EECS, with a Courtesy Appointment in Kellogg, Managerial Economics and Decision Sciences Department
Theoretical computer science, game theory, economics, and algorithms
Lawrence Henschen
Wireless sensor networks and programming; human-computer interaction (HCI) and universal access; document format systems and interoperability
Seng-Tiong Ho
Michael Honig
Mobile, wireless, and multi-user communications, Adaptive signal processing
Michael Horn
Assistant Professor
human-computer interaction (HCI), tangible interaction, multi-touch interaction, use of emerging technologies in learning settings
Ian Horswill
Associate Professor
AI: modeling and simulation of emotion, personality, and social behavior for virtual characters for games and interactive narrative
Russ Joseph
Associate Professor
Computer architecture, microprocessor design for reliability and variability tolerance, system software for multicore (CMP) architectures, power-aware computing
Ming-Yang Kao
Applications, Design, Analysis, and Implementation of Algorithms
Aggelos Katsaggelos
Professor, AT&T Chair
Multimedia signal processing, communications, computer vision, pattern recognition, machine learning, computational photography, and life sciences
Prem Kumar
Professor; AT&T Professor of Information Technology Director of Center for Photonic Communication and Computing
Photonics; Quantum; Optics; Fiberoptics; Communications; Cryptography; Sensing; Imaging; Metrology
Aleksandar Kuzmanovic
Associate Professor, Lisa Wissner-Slivka and Benjamin Slivka Chair in Computer Science
Chung-Chieh Lee
Digital communications, communication network performance modeling and analysis, distributed multisensor detection and estimation
Wei-Chung Lin
Associate Professor
Pattern recognition, neural networks, and computer graphics
Chang Liu
Professor (Joint with Mechanical Engineering)
Microfabrication technology, nanofabrication, bioinspired sensors, and smart integrated systems
Seda Ogrenci Memik
Associate Professor
Computer Aided Design, Computer Architecture, Thermal-Aware Synthesis, Automated Design of Thermal Sensor Infrastructures for Complex Systems, Reconfigurable Architectures and Synthesis Tools
Gokhan Memik
Associate Professor
Computer architecture, microarchitecture, computer systems, design automation, power and reliability aware architectures, on-chip interconnect, embedded systems
Hooman Mohseni
Single photon detectors, electrooptical modulators, photonic integrated circuits, nano-photonics
Don Norman
Professor Emeritus
Emotional design
Thrasyvoulos N. Pappas
Image and video quality and compression, Image and video analysis, Perceptual models for multimedia processing, Computer Vision, Tactile and multimodal interfaces, Model-based halftoning
Bryan Pardo
Associate Professor
Machine learning, artificial intelligence, auditory user interfaces, music processing, multimedia, human-computer interaction (HCI)
Martin Plonus
Professor Emeritus
Electromagnetic theory, propagation through turbulent media, optical communication, optical imaging in atmospheric turbulence
Morteza Amir Rahimi
Professor Emeritus
Manijeh Razeghi
Walter P. Murphy Professor; Director of Center for Quantum Devices
Compound semiconductor science and nanotechnology
Chris Riesbeck
Associate Professor
Interactive learning environments
Alan V. Sahakian
Professor and Chair of EECS; Joint appointment with Biomedical Engineering
Cardiac electrophysiology, electromagnetic and photonic methods of medical imaging, remote physiological sensor systems and diagnostics
Peter Scheuermann
Distributed and Federated Database Systems, Mobile Data Management, Sensor Networks, Data Mininng, Web caching
Selim Shahriar
Optically induced spin transitions, nanolithography, optical data storage, and optical phase conjugation as well as quantum computing and quantum teleportation
Sara Owsley Sood
Clinical Associate Professor
Allen Taflove
Professor, Graduate Director
Finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) techniques and applications in computational electrodynamics
Goce Trajcevski
Assistant Chairman / Senior Lecturer
Spatio-temporal and mobile data management, triggers and reactive behavior, wireless sensor networks
Jack Tumblin
Associate Professor
Computational photography and illumination, Computer Vision, Graphics, Image Processing, Signal Processing, User Interface, GIM, interactive media
Aravindan Vijayaraghavan
Adjunct Professor, Assistant Professor (Starting in September 2015)
Combinatorial Optimization, Beyond Worst-Case Analysis, Theoretical Machine Learning
Ermin Wei
Assistant Professor
Distributed Optimization, Smart Grid, Market Analysis, Networking, Control
Uri Wilensky
Professor, Joint appointment with Education and Social Policy
Agent-based Modeling, Complex Systems, Learning Technologies
Chi-Haur Wu
Associate Professor
Industrial robotics, Interactive robotics
Ying Wu
Computer Vision, Visual Motion Tracking/Capturing/Recognition, Image/Video Analysis and Understanding, Multimedia Data Management, Data Mining, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning, Computational Photography, Human Computer Interaction
Horace Yuen
quantum optics
Haoqi Zhang
Assistant Professor in EECS and the Segal Design Institute (Joint Appointment)
Crowdsourcing, social computing, human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence, microeconomics, applied machine learning
Hai Zhou
Associate Professor
algorithms, optimization, formal methods, and their applications to VLSI CAD, security, and embedded systems