• Instructors: Prof. Haoqi Zhang and Prof. Jason Hartline
  • Monday (9/30/2013): [slides] history, evolution, genetics, societies, the brain, digital computers
  • Wednesday (10/2/2013):[slides] theory of computation, universality, duality, Turing machines, halting problem

Discussion Questions

Consider and answer these questions while you do this week's reading.

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  • What is a computer? (Is a wristwatch a computer? Is a school of fish a computer? Is your smart (or dumb) phone a computer? Are you a computer?)
  • What is computation? (Is keeping time a computation? Is avoiding being eaten by sharks a computation? Is looking up a number in your address book a computation? Is reading and understanding this question a computation?)
  • What is not computation? What is not a computer?
  • What are other academic fields where computation may play a central role?
  • What is "computational thinking"?
  • What is the difference between a universal computer and a non-universal computer? Give examples of each. Are you a universal computer? Is your smartphone a universal computer? Is your wristwatch a universal computer?
  • If you are a computer and your smartphone is a universal computer, how come your smartphone cannot simulate you?
  • Are there limits to what computer can compute?
  • What is the relationship between computer programs, computer simulations, and universal computation?
  • What is duality and what does it mean to run a computer program with another computer program as its input?

Reading and Media

Articles for the week can be obtained individually from their sources below, by the day, or as a single PDF.



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