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This resource serves to point our students and alumni to jobs, internships, and hiring events that are posted at McCormickConnect or CareerCat in the fields of EE, CS, and CE. We cannot post a job here that has not first been posted there.

So, if you are an employer, head to "How to post a job or internship opportunity on the EECS Jobs Board."  Thanks!  


argall conference

The 2014 IEEE International Workshop on Advanced Robotics and its Social Impacts (ARSO2014) will be held on September 11-13, 2014 at the Guild Lounge, Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. NU Undergrads can register for a special rate of $25,



Postdoctoral opportunities aree currently available in the Bioinformatics and Imaging at Stanford University.

The laboratory of Dr. Daniel Rubin at Stanford Medical School in the Departments of Radiology and Medicine (Biomedical Informatics Research) is seeking highly motivated investigators to develop and study novel approaches in data-driven biomedical research to discover new molecular and imaging biomarkers to revolutionize health and health-care. They are integrating imaging and molecular phenotypes and applying cutting-edge machine learning methods to define subtypes of disease that correlate with survival and that will enable personalizing care. Post-doctoral fellowships are fully funded.



PhD Mock Interview Day


Time: 9am to 5pm

***Registration Deadline – WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 20th at Noon


web developer group

ShareTransport Logistics (located in Chicago, IL) are looking for a web developer to join their team at 1871.

At ShareTransport Logistics they are focused on maximizing companies' transportation efficiency. Namely, they are focused on trucking fleets. They are looking to bring new ideas to a massive industry that is ready to embrace new technologies that can improve efficiency, save money, and save resources.


robot ad

 EECS Prof. Brenna Argall is currently recruiting student volunteers for the 2014 IEEE Workshop on Advanced Robotics and its Social Impacts.

 She is recruiting 2-3 student volunteers to help out with arrangements and organization during the workshop.


database manager

 Consolidated Pathology Consultants is currently recruiting candidates for a Database Manager position. They are a medical laboratory, a heavily data driven operation, which is accomplished by their laboratory information system (LIS) called "Harvest", which uses a 4D database. 


cs tutor

A Professor from the Kellogg School of Management is looking for a computer programming tutor for his10 year old son.

Place of instruction: Northwestern campus in Evanston.

Start date: Sept/Oct 2014, end date not known.



Air Force Research Laboratory

The Information Directorate of the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) is looking for outstanding researchers to address cutting-edge computing and communications problems vital to the nation's security. AFRL is a basic and applied research laboratory that has been supporting the US Air Force for more than 60 years.

Emphasis areas for open technical staff positions include high-performance and trusted computing hardware/software, quantum computers, nano and neuromorphic computers, advanced high-bandwidth adaptive digital communications, data link and waveform development, networking technologies, assured-access communications, satellite communications, and free-space optical communications including quantum key distribution.




An Evanston resident needs repair for their laptop computer.

The client is looking for someone to assist with this project for $25-$50.


web development

A NU junior at WCAS needs multiple Web Designers to assist a team of coders who are building the architechture of a new website that will serve as a NU student-to/for-student business. The WCAS student has all the designs drawn out, but specifically desires someone who has the ability to write designs onto the website.


asian bilingual conference1

DISCO International, organizer of the largest job fair for Japanese-English bilingual students, will be holding the fourth annual 2014 Asian Bilingual Career Forum on November 7-9. The selected world-class companies from a diverse range of industries will be recruiting Asian-English bilinguals seeking employment In areas of Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Computer Science majors.



A NU junior at WCAS needs a coder to assist in the development of a new website that will serve as a NU student-to/for-student business. The WCAS student is strong in marketing, development, and business relations expertise, but lacks the coding expertise needed to finish the project.




Attention CS/CE students looking for Full-Time positions! Shmoop University located in Mountain View, CA, is currently looking to hire up to 10 new Full-Time engineers - particularly front-end developers.

Experience is certainly desirable, but they'd love to hear from any student with a strong background in CS that is capable of learning quickly.



Seenubble, a new dating website headquartered in Chicago, has a position opening for someone that knows HTML and has the skill to develop a multi-functional smartphone application.


stanford bio


The Laboratory of Quantitative Imaging Informatics at Stanford University is recruiting a Postdoctoral Fellow. The Laboratory, led by Dr. Daniel Rubin in the Departments of Radiology and Medicine (Biomedical Informatics Research), focuses on cuttingedge research at the intersection of imaging science and biomedical informatics, integrating and analyzing imaging data with clinical and molecular information to discover the molecular basis for disease, and to use this knowledge to create translational applications that will transform medical care.


stanford oncology

Stanford University School of Medicine has an opening for a Postdoctoral Fellowship in medical image analysis and machine learning, within the Department of Radiation Oncology.

Prof. Ruijiang Li's group focuses on cutting‐edge research at the intersection of imaging science and biomedical informatics. They are developing quantitative imaging biomarkers for cancer prognosis and prediction of response to cancer therapy. They analyze and integrate imaging data with clinical and/or molecular information, with the goal of discovering the molecular basis of cancer and transforming clinical care through translational research.



JP Morgan has organized the following joint events for Investment Banking, Sales, Trading, and Research, to attract students who are interested in starting their career in Asia and are graduating in 2016, i.e., next year’s summer intern candidates.

Inside the Industry: July 7 (Mon) at 27/F Chater House, 2pm to 6:30pm

LiveTalk: August 26 (for US students) and September 16 (for UK students) via webinar.



Root3 is a hi-tech company that makes real-time software for industrial and commercial energy efficiency. Their software, Balance, is being used for efficient energy operations at some of the largest universities, airports, and manufacturing plants in the US.

Balance addresses a very high impact need for large industrial and commercial customers and to handle the growth of the business, they are looking to add another Systems Engineer to our core team to help with the development, tuning, and deployment of Balance.


programming image1

A graduate student studying economics, is in need of a programmer. The student is working on a project for which there is a need for data to be found online. The student needs someone that can write a program/code to mine data. The position will pay a negotiable rate.



Prana Diabetes, a Chicago startup, is looking for a summer intern to help build mobile application for diabetes self management. The work combines exciting modern technologies with a positive social impact. The position is available immediately for summer 2014.


Fresenius Kabi

Fresenius Kabi is hiring a Software Engineer & an R&D Engineer.

The company is a leading global health care company that focuses on medicines and medical devices used to care for critically and chronically ill patients.



Retia Medical, LLC is a start-up digital health company with venture backing from the Pritzker-Vlock family office. Their patented software algorithms extract advanced intelligence about a patient’s cardiovascular status using common, non-invasive sensors.


fulbright logo

Apply today for The Fulbright U.S. Student Program! The program funds international research in all fields for up to 10 months. English teaching opportunities are also available for applicants with experience and interest in teaching.


Campus deadline is Sept. 8th, 2014@ 12:00 noon.