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Thursday, April 24, 2014, 08:15am - 05:00pm


daughter son work day5

Attention Northwestern community: EECS will be participating in this years, "Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day" event on April 24, 2014.

EECS Presenters

Dr. Alan Sahakian- How to Fix A Broken Heart, 10:50 - 11:50

Prof. Michael Horn- A Day at the Museum, 12:10 - 1:10


There are two ways to register this year!

You can print out your registration and hand it in at the Chicago or Evanston Women's Center office OR you can register and pay online.  Please consider becoming a chaperone for this year's event and fill out that portion of the registration.

 Registration closes on Friday, April 18.  We are limited to 250 young people for our Evanston program.  Once we have reached capacity, we will create a waiting list.



Check-In  8:15-9:15am
Sports Pavillion Aquatics Center (SPAC) 2311 Campus Drive, Evanston IL 60208

Tour Track Sessions run from 9:30-10:30am, 10:50-11:50am, and 12:10-1:10pm.  
Children will be escorted from registration to the sessions and then to lunch by adult chaperones.

Lunch  1:30-3:00pm  
Participants and sponsors will be served lunch at Allison Residential Hall Dining Facilities.  There will be a raffle and certificates for the attendees.

Job Shadowing 3:00-5:00pm  (Children observe sponsors worksites.)

Evanston Campus Program Descriptions

A Day at the Museum Michael Horn
The Shedd Aquarium and Field Museum have tons of fun and interactive exhibits for you to play with and explore. Ever wonder how those are created? You will have the opportunity to test drive several interactive museum exhibits being developed by the Tangible Interaction Design and Learning (TIDAL) Laboratory.

A Ph.D. in Video Games? Study What You Love Whitney Pow
What makes video games so fun to play? Using Twine, a primarily text-adventure-based platform that is available online for free, discover how to make choices and story narratives. Learn about all the free software available to make and design your very own video games at home!

All in a Day’s Worm Sue Fox, Dr. Richard Morimoto Lab
Get a hands-on learning experience about what scientists do in a biological research lab. You will get a chance to use real scientific equipment and to see worms glow under a microscope! You will also get a tour of the laboratory and see how scientists do experiments.

Be a Hero! Emergency Preparedness! Christi Beavers
Learn about discussion about disasters and where they most commonly strike, using an interactive map of the United States, then 'build-a-kit,' create a FEMA family communication plan activity, and a discuss the purpose of the Emergency Operations Center.

Be a Radio Star with WNUR! WNUR Staff
Get a behind-the-scenes look at a radio station. You’ll tour the news room, executive office, recording spaces, on-air control room, record library, interview room and production control room of WNUR and find out what it takes to run a radio station.

Bonjour! Hola! Jambo! Learn About Different Cultures Sara McGuinn
Visit Asia, Europe, Africa…all from the Study Abroad Office! Explore the languages and cultures of different countries, hear stories from Northwestern students who have studied abroad and get an idea of what it’s like to receive an international education!

Can You Hear Me Now?
Dr. Daniel Moser
Words are powerful tools that can persuade or entertain an audience. After a brief introduction to effective communication styles, you will have a chance to improvise and explore the various methods in a fun way!

Circus Yoga Yoli
CircusYoga combines yoga and circus arts like clowning, partner acrobatics and other games into a fun-filled time. Get ready to move through yoga poses with Story Vinyasa and turn into lizards on a rock in partner poses.

Design Like an Engineer Hannah Beck and Jenni Antane
Learn about the engineering process by building a self-propelled boat out of household supplies and testing how far it goes! Then, create a design that can carry a Ping-Pong ball down a zip line.

Digital Storytelling Kelly Roark and Bonnie Thurber
Students will create a digital story of their experience at Northwestern. Participants will use iMovie to create a short video about their experience, adding pictures, music, text and words.

Edible Slime! Alyssa Zrimsek and Stephanie Zaleski
Come and learn about polymer chemistry through hands-on experiments. First, we will explore transforming syrups into delicious, melt in your mouth gels of different shapes and consistencies. Second, we will explore making slime from everyday items that you can continue to play with at home.

Electrocute a Pickle: Visualizing Molecules! Andrew Wayne Ott
We will show light diffracting off of slides and then allow boys and girls to manipulate molecules on a computer. We will use a mass spectrometer to identity an unknown compound. We can show examples of trace metals analysis and electrocute a pickle and have a little fun with liquid nitrogen!

EnterActive Malcom
This fun-filled class is all about getting moving through a training circuit. You will learn how our muscles move and how to make our bodies stronger through movement and exercise.

Extra, Extra! The Daily Northwestern Paulina Firozi and other Daily Editors
Learn from editors of The Daily Northwestern how to cover a news event and write photo captions, what makes a good newspaper story, and how to produce an award-winning paper five days a week and still have fun at college.

Fight Back: Physical Self-Defense & Empowerment Lieutenant Ken Jones
Learn the importance of self-defense and practice self-defense and kicks! This program is limited to girls.

Flubber: Fun with Slimy Polymers Shelby Hatch
During this laboratory tour, examine the fascinating role that chemical polymers play in our daily lives. Make samples of different types of polymers and comparing the physical properties of the polymers. They will be allowed to take home their sample of the “slime” polymer, that they will make during the tour.

Hip Hop Dance! Fusion Dance Company
Hip Hop dance class! Learn basic hip hop moves, choreography, and then play a game!

How to Fix A Broken Heart Dr. Alan Sahakian
The human heart is a wonderful invention but sometimes it breaks. Discover how an engineer can help! Learn about the anatomy and electrophysiology of the heart and how arrhythmias can develop. Also, look at implantable pacemakers, defibrillators and other devices which engineers have developed to restore normal function to a broken heart.

Introduction to Concrete Rose Milavit
Concrete has been used in building structures all over the world since the times of the Roman Empire! Learn more about what concrete is and how it is made. You will even get the opportunity to create your own small concrete figurine!

It’s Puzzling: Be a Master Mathematician Martina Bode
How does a mathematician think? Solve some tough puzzles with real live mathematicians using logic, guesswork, experimentation, and most of all, creativity. Learn more about the fascinating (really!) world of mathematics.

Just Bead It!

Ashley Walter Emily Hood Ferrin, Taylor Page

Northwestern is working to develop a way for women who are diagnosed with cancer to not lose their
ability to have children. You will get to see how this is done through hands-on experiments

Let Your EQ Boost Your IQ
Dr. Elizabeth Gobbi
New research says “grit” predicts success in college better than IQ. Learn about the components of “EQ,” Emotional Intelligence, and how EQ can help you boost your IQ to achieve your full potential. A variety of activities will help you walk away with strategies to enhance your own “inner resilience.”

More Bling Bling for Less

Cha-Ching Susan Hall-Perdomo and Yvette Davis
Create your own jewelry business and assemble your own jewelry! You will also learn tips and tricks to successful accounting and sales management.

NU Power: The Central Utility Plant

Bruce Jaime, Jim McKinney, Jessica Abrams
Ever wonder how Northwestern buildings get all their refrigeration, hot water, and steam heat? Ever wonder what that low-lying building near the lagoon with steam coming from the top is? You will get a chance to see a maze of turbines, boilers, and pipes three stories high that service the entire campus.

On Your Way to the NCAA: Field Hockey 101 Ali Johnstone
Join current Northwestern Field Hockey players and coaches to learn the basics of field hockey! You will learn some basic skills during a fun, active hour in the gym.

Physics is Phun Arthur Schmidt
Sound, Light and Color: How we perceive our world. We will have several experiments to tease our senses for light and sound to hear and view the seemingly impossible.

Programming is Fun Using NetLogo!

Aditi Wagh
Learn simple commands in NetLogo, a computer-based modeling environment widely used in
classrooms and explore programming in a fun simulation model.

Spectacular Chemical Reactions

Eberhard Zwergel
See the fun and joy of chemical reactions and concepts!

“Come See It” CSI –

NUPD Officer Latori Bartelle and David Shultz
Get the 411 on 911 with a tour the Northwestern University Police department. There will be an opportunity to try on police equipment and tour squad cars. Discover the different ways the police keep all the students and staff of the University safe!

The Power of Advertising Candy Lee
Why do companies advertise? Why do you buy certain products? Think about the last item you purchased. Why did you decide to buy that product? Did you influence someone else to buy a product for you? Get a hands-on learning experience about marketing and advertising and create an advertisement for a favorite product.

Tissue Engineering Liam Casey
In the Shea lab, we use biomaterials to engineer solutions for detecting cancer metastasis, treating type 1 diabetes, and regenerating damaged spinal cord tissue. The lab will be showing brain, lung, and spinal cord tissue, alginate hydrogel formation, and cells expressing fluorescent proteins.

Using Networks to Achieve Your Goals

Sophia Sullivan
Set a goal and discover how to use networks and social media to accomplish it!

For questions about the Evanston campus event or registration, please contact Geri Anne Nelson, at (847) 491-7360 or


Location Sports Pavillion Aquatics Center (SPAC) 2311 Campus Drive, Evanston IL 60208
Thursday, April 24, 2014 at 08:15am
Contact Geri Anne Nelson, at (847) 491-7360 or

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