Matthew Grayson's Research Group
Graduate Group Members (NU):

Jiajun Luo

Sunanda Prabhu-GaunkarRyan Fellow in Nanotechnology

Yang Tang, Ryan Fellow in Nanotechnology

Chuanle Zhou

Wang Zhou

Undergrad Group Members (NU):

Albert Cheng

Bradley Crowe

Brian Kim, Best EECS Senior Award 2011

Gracie Klock

Siddharth Narayanan

Andrew Varrenti

PhD advisees (Technische Universitaet Muenchen):

Michael Huber

Nebile Isik

<p">Lucia Steinke

PhD Alumni (Technische Universitaet Muenchen):

Shivaji Dasgupta (PhD 2009): "Growth optimization and characterization of high mobility two-dimensional electron systems in AlAs quantum wells"

Sebastian Roth (PhD 2007): "n- and p-type transport in (110) GaAs substrates, single-, and double-cleave structures"

Frank Ertl (PhD 2006): "Anisotrope Quanten-Hall-Systeme, Vertikale Ultrakurzkanal- und Tunnel-Transistoren" (Anisotropic quantum Hall systems, vertical ultrashort-channel- and tunnel-transistors.)

Frank Fischer (PhD 2005): "Growth and electronic properties of two-dimensional systems in (110) oriented GaAs"

Masters/Diplom Alumni (Technische Universitaet Muenchen):

Andrew Varrenti (MS 2010): "Lithographically patterned chromium-nickel thermocouples for integrated circuit temperature sensing applications"

Yash Shah (MS 2011): "A methodical approach towards realizing capacitive contacts for electrical four‐point characterization"

Claudius Knaak (Diplom 2007): "Investigating valley degeneracy in AlAs two-dimensional systems and split-gate structures"

Marco Neumair (Diplom 2007): "Tunneling between perpendicular two-dimensional electron systems"

Ying Xiang (Diplom 2006): "Two dimensional hole systems on (110) GaAs and cleave facets"

Lucia Steinke (Diplom 2005): "Quantum Hall effect in perpendicular two-dimensional electron systems"

Felix Erfurth (Diplom 2005): "Characterization of quantum point contacts in aluminum arsenide"

Sebastian Roth (Diplom 2003): "Resonant tunneling through coupled quantum wires between two-dimensional electron gases"