REQUIRED TEXT: M.A. Nielsen and I.L. Chuang, "Quantum Computation and Quantum Information," Cambridge University Press, 2001
REFERENCE: N. David Mermin, "Quantum Computer Science: An Introduction," Cambridge University Press, 2007 


COURSE GOALS: To introduce the basic concepts and techniques underlying all quantum information science and technology, and topics of current interest in one or more of the following areas: quantum computation, quantum information and communication, quantum cryptography.

PREREQUISITE: Some knowledge of linear algebra

GRADING: Homework and final presentation or term paper 


  • General formulation of quantum physics, relation to quantum information
  • Quantum computation and quantum algorithms, models of quantum computation
  • Quantum information processing, quantum noise and operations
  • Quantum cryptographic protocols, key distribution and privacy. Authentication
  • Selected in-depth topics in the areas of quantum computation, quantum information processing, and quantum cryptography

TIME/PLACE: MW 3:30-4:50pm Tech L158 (Spring 2012)

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