An invited paper by Thrasos Pappas, David Neuhoff, Huib de Ridder, and Jana Zujovic, entitled "Texture Analysis: Focus on Texture Similarity," has been published in the special issue on "Perception-based Media Processing" of the Proceedings of the IEEE.

The paper reviews recently proposed texture similarity metrics and applications that critically depend on such metrics, with emphasis on image and video compression and content-based retrieval.  The paper showcases the work of Pappas's research group in collaboration with David Neuhoff (University of Michigan) and Huib de Ridder (Delft University of Technology), and in particular, the Ph.D. theses of Jana Zujovic, Lulu He, and the ongoing doctoral work of Guoxin Jin.

The full contents of the special issue can be found on IEEE Xplore

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