Wilkinson Lab Tech M338

T-Lab Tech F252

Step 1 Check availability.
One calendar is used for both labs because the two labs cannot be reserved concurrently.

Step 2 Email the Computing Facilities Committee to request the reservation.The labs are accessible with a valid Northwestern Wildcard.

Wilkinson Lab, Tech M338  T-Lab, Tech F252

Please read the Wilkinson Lab Reservations Policy:
The Lab is to be reserved primarily for teaching purposes. Reservations for other purposes will be permitted only in special cases.

1. All reservations will be made at first-come-first-served basis.

2. The lab may be reserved by an instructor for a class for the duration of a quarter.

3. One-time reservations can be made by instructors or teaching assistants. One-time reservations are limited to Thursdays and Fridays. Requests for such reservations must be made two weeks in advance to allow dissemination of the reservation information to other students.

4. During any week, there will be at most four hours of reservations allowed.

5. The two labs cannot be reserved at concurrent times.

6. Reservations can be made for portions of the laboratory. For example, a request for a certain number of computers can be made.

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