Since its founding by Professor Manijeh Razeghi in 1992, the Center for Quantum Devices at Northwestern University has evolved from only a mere vision into a concrete world-class research laboratory.  The scientific research involves developing an understanding of the physics of new semiconductor crystals for novel applications and realizing advanced semiconductor devices such as lasers, photodetectors, transistors, waveguides, and switches.  This entails a multidisciplinary combination of solid state physics, quantum mechanics, electrical, mechanical and chemical engineering and materials science, as well as a strong collaborative effort between Academia, Industry, and National Laboratories.  To accomplish this research, the Center has assembled a strong team of graduate and undergraduate students, research scientists and professors with diverse backgrounds, all working together within the Center's unique state-of-the-art research facility.

The research activity involves a wide range of challenging scientific topics targeting devices spanning from the deep UV, into the infrared, and all the way out to the terahertz.  Current topics include: Ultraviolet and visible devices based on III-Nitride semiconductors, uncooled infrared (3-16 μm) quantum cascade lasers, quantum well infrared photodetectors (QWIP), Type-II superlattice based infrared photodetectors and focal plane arrays, self-assembled quantum dot devices, Terahertz lasers, and nanotechnology using electron-beam lithography.


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