• Instructor: Prof. Bryan Pardo
  • Monday (10/14/2013): [slides] artificial intelligence (AI), turing test, Watson
  • Wednesday (10/16/2013): [slides] machine learning, classification, spam filtering

Discussion Questions

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  • Why is Watson a big step for AI?
  • What difficult computational problems had to be solved to make Watson good at Jeopardy?
  • Besides playing game shows, what might the Watson technology be opening the door for?
  • What is the Turing test? (According to Christian? According to Turing?)
  • Why is it good that computers cannot today pass the Turing test?
  • Which of Turing's predictions from 1950 have come true? Which have not?
  • Why does Turing go into such specifics on what a computer is?
  • Is it true that computers can only do what they are programmed to do? (Compare to "Lady Lovelace's Objection".)
  • What is the importance of universality in Turing's argument?
  • What are other good applications for machine learning besides email spam detection and filtering?
  • What is the difference between false-positives and false-negatives? Which is more important in email spam filtering?
  • What are the basic ingredients of a machine learning application?

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