• Instructor: Prof. Haoqi Zhang
  • Monday (11/4/2013): [slides] GUI, Usability, Prototyping
  • Wednesday (11/6/2013): Midterm review

Discussion Questions

Submit your answers to Monday's questions

  • What is a graphical user interface? Why is it an important idea?
  • What are some of the key ideas and principles for designing graphical user interfaces, as illustrated by Doug Engelbart and Ivan Sutherland?
  • Why is rapid prototyping important? Come up with examples of mediums, methods, and tools you can use to prototype a graphical user interface (e.g. for a new web interface/service).
  • In your opinion, what are some criteria that make a user interface "usable?" For each criteria, give an example of a system you know that violate the criteria, and one that does a good job of satisfying it.

Reading and Media