CS 101, a conversation (video, click to watch)


There are 10 weeks of class, each week is on a different topic. Pairs of students will be assigned to cover a particular week. If you are assigned week K you should prepare a video dialogue that centers around topics in the reading and under discussion in week K. The dialogue is due the following week.


Create a video and upload it to YouTube or Vimeo. Your video should be a conversation between you two. Your conversations should be based in course content from lectures and reading assignments, and should touch on ideas that you find exciting and interesting.
  • Two CS 101 students take opposite perspectives on an issue and debate. Both perspectives must be well grounded in course content. Example issues include, Can computers be intelligent?, Which is better, P equal NP or P not equal NP?, Is the perspective taken by a given reading correct?
  • A CS 101 student explains to a non CS 101 student some aspect of the course that the other student might find interesting.

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