Group Collaboration

Working on large group projects can be challenging. Part of this assignment is to approach the task like a computer scientist. You should look at your construction of an essay as a computation and take a computer science approach to ensuring efficient essay writing. There are two main challenges, one is sharing the information that you are working with, the other is coordinating on work to be done and the essay writing. For instance, the cloud-based collaboration tool Hackpad may be a good choice for coordinating brainstorming of topics, gathering of sources, and writing your final essay. The cloud-based scheduling tool Doodle is a good choice for coordinating group meeting times. You may also find Google Docs or Google Spreadsheets useful for a variety of collaborative tasks.

Proposal and Sources

To ensure you are on the right track, you are required to turn in an essay proposal and a list of sources. Your proposal should include the area of your essay as well as your angle on the subject. A paragraph should be sufficient. Your list of sources (about ten) should be as close to complete as possible.

Essay Schema

There are three recommended essay schema. You are expected to write fantastic essay and in that regard these essay schema are a guideline. Not all suggested discussions will apply to all essays.

  • Do a depth study of any computer science topic we have discussed (or will discuss). Such a depth study will survey the history, the state of the art, technical challenges, social impact, and a vision for the future.
  • Do a comparative study of two or more topics that we have discussed (or will discuss). Such a comparative study would survey both topics, explain why the they are interesting together and describe technical challenges, social impact, and a vision for the future.
  • Do an interdisciplinary study that takes a computer science perspective on a topic that is traditionally not studied from a computer science viewpoint. Such an interdisciplinary study would survey any prior computer science perspectives on this topic, describe how the computer science perspective offers new opportunities over the classical perspective of the field, describe the technical challenges for computer science applied to this field, and describe social impact and a vision for the future.

Most importantly, your essay should be fantastic. 

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