Weinberg BA-CS Major

The Weinberg curriculum is discussed in the EECS Undergraduate Study Manual (link at lower-right on this page), CS Curriculum, Appendix B.

To declare CS major in Weinberg, pick up a major declaration form from the EECS Office in Tech L351.

Program of Study for the Major in CS*

The Program in Computer Science, BA-CS, offers students in the Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences the opportunity to study computer science within the context of the College's focus on liberal arts and sciences, as distinct from the engineering context offered by the Computer Science program in the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Faculty and courses for the Program are drawn from the McCormick School's Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS). Courses and research in the Department address the underlying theories, enabling technologies, and applications of modern computer science. There is a strong focus on the design, implementation, and evaluation of software systems, including interactive, distributed multimedia, artificial intelligence, robotics, and database systems. See the full list of course offerings.

Research Opportunities 

Research in the Department is highly interdisciplinary, including important links with Cognitive Science Program in the College of Arts and Sciences as well as Learning Sciences within the School of Education and Social Policy, and the Departments of Communication Studies and Radio/Television/Film in the School of Communication. Undergraduates are encouraged to join ongoing research projects within the Department.

For further information on the Department of EECS, visit the McCormick School section of the Registrar's catalog.

The major in Computer Science is highly flexible, emphasizing the interdisciplinary study and project work that are critical in a field as rapidly changing as computer science. The specific courses to be taken are largely determined by the goals and interests of the individual student. The major includes a two-quarter "capstone" project activity that helps integrate the skills and knowledge acquired in coursework.

* Note: The Weinberg Computer Science program was known as "Weinberg CIS, Computing & Information Systems" until October 2009.  

Second Major in CS for ISP

The Integrated Science Program (ISP) is a highly selective program in the College of Arts and Sciences. Students majoring in ISP may complete a second major in Computing and Information Systems through a curriculum tailored specifically to their needs.

Weinberg BA-CS Minor

The program offers a minor in computing and information systems for students who wish to develop a strong competence in computer science while majoring in another area.

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Program of study for the minor in CS  

The program offers a minor in computing and information systems for students who wish to develop a strong competence in computer science while majoring in another area.
Minor course requirements (9 units):


MATH 220 and 224 (or 212, 213, and 214), 230, and 240


EECS 101, 111, 211, 213, 310, 311 (Same as Core requirements of the major); students without prior programming experience may wish to take 110 before 111


One course in each of three Breadth areas.  Breadth areas and their courses are described in the CS curriculum pages in the Undergraduate Study Manual.