Women in Computing

Women in Computing (WiC) is a Northwestern community for women, non-binary, and trans-folk who are passionate about technology. We connect our members with professional opportunities and mentors, and help them develop technical and interpersonal skills through workshops and opportunities for leadership. These events help them foster a sense of belonging and solidarity, and leave them proud and excited to be women in tech.

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Each year we host and attend a variety of events to foster community, professional development, and mentorship. These include tech talks, general meetings, weekly hack nights, interview prep, and much more. Check out our Facebook page for more information.

Each year we attend Grace Hopper, the world's largest gathering of women. This year, we organized group of over 70 women to travel to Orlando for the celebrations and proceedings. Thank you to McCormick for helping make Grace Hopper possible for WiC!

Hack Nights

NUWiC's hack nights are informal gatherings to work on projects, learn about different technologies or just to study with other students.

Tech Talks

We host a variety of talks with different members of the faculty, the wider Chicago area, as well as Northwestern alum each year.

Each year in the spring we host a whiteboarding campaign, where we take pictures of students and faculty showing their support for diversity in STEM.

We give our members the opportunity of mentorship from other WiC members, providing them with academic and professional guidance.

Our annual spring banquet is a celebration of our members' achievements and allows us to connect with other members, Northwestern faculty, and our corporate sponsors.

In an effort to showcase our members’ accomplishments and unique perspectives, we’d like to introduce our new photo campaign, Humans of WiC! Check out our previously featured members here.

Aiqi Liu

Graduated in 2017 | Major: Computer Science

“What is something you are really proud of?”

“Towards the end of my first quarter finishing up the first CS class in my life, Professor Sood asked me after office hour one day “Do you want to be my TA next quarter?”. I had never imagined that I could mentor other students as a Freshman who just learnt about coding, but I feel so thankful that Sara saw something in me back then. TAing has been a fulfilling experience, especially when the students finally understand a concept or pass all test cases with my help.”


Meg Grasse

Internal President

Aiqi Liu

External President

Laura Barrera


Maggie Lou

Corporate Relations Chair

Allison Lu

Programming Chair

Ankita Chowdhry

Programming Chair and Historian

Melissa Perez

Community Outreach Chair

Sabreen Ali

Public Relations Chair

Kitty Liu

Tech Chair

Our members are eager to learn about career opportunities in tech and the technologies they’ll be using to build our future. Our 2017-2018 corporate sponsors include Google, IMC, CME Group, Braintree, Vantiv, and Booz Allen Hamilton, and our partners range from Apple to Microsoft. Partnering with our sponsors, we’ve hosted tech talks, panels, on-site visits, and roundtables, where industry representatives discuss everything from specific engineering roles to the exciting innovations that are pushing their industries forward.

WiC is the only women-focused technology group on campus. There exist few other opportunities for sponsors to both recruit talented candidates and support an important cause that is improving the tech community for all. With your support, we can hold more community-building internal events and extend our resources to girls at local high schools and middle schools. One event at a time, you’ll help us make the tech industry a more inclusive and welcoming community.

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If you are interested in sponsoring us, please email our Corporate Relations Chair at margaretlou2019@u.northwestern.edu.

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