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25 September 2017 (extended)

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    10 January 2018

    Human Vision and Electronic Imaging
    The International Conference on Perception and Cognition in Electronic Media

    January 28 - February 1, 2018
    San Francisco Airport, California, USA

    Join us for the 30th Anniversary of HVEI!

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    Best 10 Reasons to Attend HVEI

    • Hear papers on a wide range of topics united by a focus on the human in the imaging system.
    • Meet researchers from a wide range of disciplines from signal processing and imaging to psychology and art.
    • Pick up knowledge and ideas from outside your immediate field to enhance your problem solving skills.
    • Be an active participant in carefully organized sessions that highlight the fundmental issues and novel approaches for addressing challenging problems.
    • Attend two short courses (Sunday and Wednesday) to acquire essential background and exciting new directions in human vision for electronic media.
    • Join the HVEI community and build collaborations with people from government, industry, and academia, from all over the world.
    • Catch the latest in imaging from basic science to high tech products.
    • Participate in stimulating panel discussions on different approaches for addressing both fundamental research questions and applied engineering problems.
    • Make new friends at the HVEI banquet, reception, and field trip to the deYoung museum exhibit, "Celebrating the Spectrum."
    • Gather ideas for the paper you will present at the conference next year!