Software Construction Assignment 8: GUI

Due: May 16, 2017 @ 5pm. Please include a README.txt that has both partner's names and email addresses.

Design and implement a player that takes input from a GUI (a.k.a., a Human player). Before you start coding, mock up a picture of how the interface works (include stories that describe how people will manipulate the GUI). Don't assume that there is only one Human player per game (but one per window is a good assumption).

You must not change the Player or Game interfaces to implement the GUI. It is not necessary. Just like the networked player, you should be able to plug in a human player without modifying the other parts of the game infrastructure.

As part of your GUI implementation you may want to consider making a board-viewing window class that you can also use via the administrator to monitor games. This is not required, but if you plan ahead it should be easy and will be useful.

This is the most open-ended assignment this quarter. Keep in mind that well-structured, clear code that does less is worth more than unreadable code that kind of works.

If you are picked for a codewalk, expect to start with a (short) demo of your GUI player.

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