CS 115, Fall 2002
Extra-credit Homework Assignment
Due: 11 November 2002


    1  Path-to-blue-eyes

    2  Union-nodup

    3  Union-sort

Your task is a series of three hand evaluations. You may show all of the steps, or only show the steps right before each call to a one of the functions given (i.e., just before each recursive call or call to a helper function).

As you do the hand evaluations, be sure to use cut and paste. Particularly useful are the alt-shift-arrow key sequences in DrScheme. Use alt-shift-right and alt-shift-left to select complete subexpressions and the copy and paste them as you go from step to step.

Do not attempt this homework on pencil and paper, especially if you plan to show all of the steps.

The grade for this assignment replaces your lowest homework grade, but the highest grade given will be a check.

The sample solutions contain every step.

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