Goce Trajcevski, PhD, Assistant Chair and Senior LecturerBrief bio: I received my BS degree in Informatics and Automation from the University of Sts. Kiril i Metodij in Skopje, and my MS and PhD from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I joined the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Northwestern University in 2004 as a PostDoc, advised by Peter Scheuermann.

My broad research interests are in the areas of Mobile Data Management and Moving Objects Databases (MOD); Data Management in Sensor Networks; and Reactive Behavior in Dynamic and Distributed Environments.

I have worked on developing efficient algorithms for processing continuous spatio-temporal queries in MOD settings, applying Computational Geometry techniques to handle the impact of uncertainty for the location-in-time information. I have also worked on spatio-temporal data compression, both over historic trajectories as well as on-line streams of (location,time). Part of the work was implemented in the DOMINO project, when I was a member of the DBMC lab at the UIC, directed by my PhD thesis advisor, Prof. Ouri Wolfson.

My works in wireless sensor networks mostly focused on spatial balancing of the energy expenditure via multipath routing, trade-offs between energy-efficiency and quality (precision and timelines) of tracking, and selection of tracking principals. I participated in a project related to security (attacks and defense mechanisms) in multipath routing. My more recent research has targeted problems from cyber-physical realm, such as tracking evolving shapes and ensuring probabilistic bounds on the error acceptable for users; providing indexing structures for combining physical-space and data-space aggregations, with both static and mobile sensors. As part of the results, the SIDnet SWANS simulator was developed, the main developer being Oliviu Ghica - a former PhD student co-advised with Peter Scheuermann. In addition, several demo-papers were presented in the SenSys conference.

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Currently, I am with the Dept. of EECS at Northwestern University and you can read more about my ongoing projects at this link.


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