Some of the projects completed in the recent past; or still in development; or just-recently started:
  1. Uncertainty and compression of spatio-temporal data. Starting from my PhD research, where the properties of spatio-temporal data with uncertainty represented as the sheared-cylinder model of possible whereabouts, over the years several different works have emerged in these topics. Read more...
  2. The OMCAT project (Optimal Maintenance of Continuous queries - Answers to Trajectories) in MOD settings. The purpose of the project is to combine the values of various context dimensions for the purpose of efficient (re)evaluation of continuous queries. The demonstration of the project was given at SIGMOD 2006, and you can check some of the publications here. The work was conducted along with the former PhD student:  Hui Ding (graduated June 2008). Here are some references (noting that the work does "fall under the umbrella" of the next item...)
  3. The (ECA)2 paradigm (Evolving and Context-Aware Event-Condition-Action). The goal of this project is to implement the paradigm for managing the reactive behavior of dynamic distributed systems. The concept of "Meta-Triggers" is at the heart of compiling the (advanced) SQL-like triggers into a code that can run on heterogeneous motes operating collaboratively in a sensor network. A demo prototype in the context of WSN was presented at SenSys 2012., work being done by Jed McClurg, building upon the prior work done by Mr. Jesse Yanutola, an MS student presently at Boeing. More info ...
  4. Energy-efficient routing and tracking and ... in Wireless Sensor Networks. Some of the work, related to multipath routing and tracking principals selection, was performed by Oliviu Ghica during his PhD studies. Subsequently, Mr. Fan Zhou - a pre-doctoral visiting scholar, worked on projects related to tracking and uncertainty, comparing dead-reckoning based prediction vs. particle-filter based prediction for waking up nodes that should take over the tracking task. Presently, Besim Avci is working on energy-efficiant motion trends detection of moving objects, along with detecting and tracking (multiple) mobile shapes as well as certain predicates regarding their possible spatial relationships. Part of the work was dedicated to distributed in-network indexing mechanism (with Mohamed Ali (UIC), co-advised with Ashfaq Khokhar). You can get some more info and some references here.
  5. Motion - Broader Aspects. This broad topic has spurred several different works: from Similarity under Rigid transformations, through works on experimental comparison of Experimental Comparison for Similarity (measures and distance functions) for Time-series Data; extending the querying capabilities of Trajectories Warehousing with Semantic-Awareness as well as certain results regarding Privacy and novel variant of MaxRS query (specifically, the continous variant Co-MaxRS for trajectories). Read more here

Along with presenting the works at different conference, I have also a few tutorials (IEEE MDM 2010, EDBT 2012, IEEE ICDE 2014 , MDM2016)