Below are some specific problems and the corresponding sample-publications:
  1. Similarity of Motion Under Ridig Transformation
  2. Efficiency of Similarity Evaluation for Large Datasets of Trajectories
  3. Experimental Comparison of Methods and Distance Functions
  4. Similarity in Time-Series, an Extended Experimental Comparison
  5. Similarity of Motion applied to Mobile Devices Intrusion Detection
  6. You can read a brief description of the EDBT 2012 tutorial here (with Dimitris Gunopoulos). The slides are available at the official website of the conference...
  7. A recent survey on clustering time-series/trajectories
  8. Some most-current results related to adding the semantic-awareness to warehousing symbolic trajectories are summarized in this paper (appeared at ACM IWGS 2015) and here you can find a zip-ed folder containing the source-codes and the datasets (developed by Besim Avci; data generated by Di Tian and Tian Zhang) used in the experimental evaluations of the benefits of the proposed methodologies (NOTE: the zip-ed version of the samples of the trajectories data is ~0.5GB; please read the README_and_DISCLAIMER.txt file).
  9. Intrusion detection for mobile devices
  10. Differential Privacy for crowd-sourced environmental sensing
  11. Continuous Maximal Range-Sum (Co-MaxRS) for trajectories