This body of work was motivated by my earlier interests in managing reactive behavior (part of a continuation of my MS thesis in the direction of formalizing Active Databases) - with a specific intent to minimize the "transient response time" when re-evaluating multiple (pending) queries in MOD settings. The reason for this was based on the observation that in real-life scenarios, a perturbation (e.g., an accident, blockage due to road-work or sport/concert even) pertaining to relatively small area, may generate disturbancies in the traffic patterns - consequently, the queries answers - in much wider region.


Below are some specific problems and the corresponding sample-publications:
  1. System-aspects of a MOD with reactive behavior and modelling the spreadout of disturbancy
  2. One could couple triggers' ordering with the (index-based) sequence of the pending queries
  3. Incorporating the larger-scale dataset does require a careful use of the index
  4. A brief description of the SIGMOD 2006 demo...