Below are some specific problems and the corresponding sample-publications:
  1. How to effectively incorporate the fact that sensors do go to sleep in the tracking process (principal-election)
  2. Improving the efficiency of the tracking-principle selection with better prediciton of motion
  3. Tracking of multiple objects
  4. What is involved in tracking mobile shapes (as opposed to points)
  5. How to detect a motion-trend predicate while tracking in WSN
  6. How to balance the lifetime vs. latency when bypassing holes
  7. Alternating Multiple Paths in WSN via (distributed computation of) Bezier curves
  8. Field-based computation of multiple paths
  9. Security issues (attacks and defenses) in Field-based routing
  10. In-network indexing, fusing the data-space and physical space abstractions
  11. Re-distribution of resources in WSN (mixing mobile and static nodes)
  12. Use of Voronoi-based hierarchies in WSN (re)deployment
  13. To take a quick look into some recent SenSys demos, use this link, or this one, or this one...
  14. Tracking Uncertain Shapes in Wireless Sensor Networks