Thrasyvoulos N. Pappas
ECE Department
McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science
Northwestern University

Plenary talk at ICIP 2010:
"Visual Signal Analysis and Compression: Rethinking Texture" (ppt slides )

Meet-the-EECS Faculty Seminar at Northwestern:
"Visual Signal Analysis and Compression: Focus on Texture" (video)

Celebrating 30+ years of HVEI!
Human Vision and Electronic Imaging

I Gave A Tech Talk At Google

Plenary talk at ICIP 2004:
"Model-Based Halftoning" (ppt slides )

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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Phone: (847) 467-1243
Northwestern University Fax: (847) 491-4455
Evanston, IL 60208-3118 pappas AT eecs dot northwestern dot edu

Program Assistant: Iliana Vargas
(847) 491-4205 iliana dot vargas AT northwestern dot edu

The Road to Salonica

A documentary that digs up "treasures" which do not shine!

New Waterfront of Thessaloniki

Nepotism Department

Dimitris Pappas's stained glass:

Melanie West's Foundation:

Jim West:

Inventor's Hall of Fame

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